Dig the well before you are thirsty.

--Chinese Proverb

So you're interested. Or you're ready. Maybe it's that you have one of those IT bands that just won't allow any relief. Perhaps your Parkinson's tremble is becoming more visible and you just don't want to up the meds. AGAIN. Possibly you just want your back to get back to normal. It's your back, after all! 

Whomever you are, however capable your body is, whatever brought you this far: we make no guarantees, but we don't have to. The Classical Pilates Method is one that works. For every body. Period.

Individuals & Couples

ALL NEW CLIENTS are encouraged to begin with private sessions. Your first three visits are just $150. If you prefer starting with a partner, bring your own or we'll select someone for you. The first three duet visits cost $180 or just $90 per person.

Teams & Groups 

Curious about pilates as part of your practice regimen? Are you in charge of designing a team building event? Is your clinic interested in hosting movement classes for a particular population? Would you like to see increased productivity amongst your staff?  A Classical Pilates workout can help! First 5 participants are FREE*

Pilates Protocols

What should I wear? Will it make me toot? Why doesn't the teacher just show me what to do?  Click below for all you might want to know about real live classical pilates classes (and then some). And if you haven't heard already: it ain't just a buncha dancers lyin' around stretchin'...