Do or do not. There is no try. Luminous beings are we.

-- Master Yoda


Do you have daily or chronic pain or a repetitive strain injury? Are you an athlete seeking enhanced performance or endurance? Is back surgery a part of your life? How about your joints? Are you just plain tired of watching your loved one struggle to move comfortably? Perhaps you just feel less energetic as you used to...

Whether you are -- using  mimic real copy or onec eget risus diam or onec ac fringilla -- the pilates lab has room for you. Be sure to get your questions answered before you come by - either by contacting us, after speaking with your doctor or health care team, or by asking around to the pilates or movement practitioners you already know - then we'll do the rest and gladly share this trusted conditioning method.


Individual Private Sessions

Regular one-to-one equipment sessions are essential for directly addressing your particular kinesthetic imbalances and movement goals. Personalized sessions are crucial for enhancing or regaining function and clearing out what may be preventing our taking the next step or as Yoda says when it's not working for us: unlearning what we have learned. Whether you regularly scale the likes of Kilimanjaro or just want to get up out of your chair, pilates knowledge is power.

Expect a postural analysis during your first private session

One 60-minute session for one is $75   --   5 are $325   --   10 are $625

Duet Private Sessions

Experienced teaching couples of all varieties - siblings, table tennis foes, grandparent/grandchild, business partners, foster parent/prospective adoptee, cancer recovery buddies, and cousins expecting babies...among others - the lab believes three is not a crowd. Whether you're shy to meet one-on--one or seek a unique way to share time with someone special to you, duet equipment sessions are capable of addressing particular movement needs and goals. It is ideal for both participants to be injury free.

Expect a postural analysis during your first duet private session

One 60-minute session for two is $100*   --   5 are $450   --   10 are $820

*Duet private session payments can be accepted per duet or per person. In case of the latter, costs are half of what is stated immediately above (i.e. $50 / $225 / $410)


Small Group Mat Classes

Our 850+ square feet of cork-floored and serene studio space are ideal for small group mat classes. Typically capped at six participants, the classical mat repertoire is considered the original and most challenging of the pilates method. During these 55-minutes, you will progress logically through the truest version of contrology as developed by Mr. Pilates, himself. 

See our 'Classes' tab to find the one that is best for you. If you don't see what you'd like, please inquire. We adjust, develop, and change class programming as needed.

One 55-minute small group mat class is $20   --   5 are $90   --   10 are $160